Reluet gives new meaning to the traditional Sant Jordi rose

Sant Jordi the festival of April 23, where culture, books, the beauty of nature, the rose, and emotion, love take over the streets of Catalonia.

The lotus flower of Reluet and the parallelism with the golden legend of Sant Jordi

There are many versions of the legend, but I will narrate the one that goes like this:

“A long, long time ago, in a distant country there was a people who lived in terror of a dragon that had settled next to the only source from which water flowed in the entire region.

Its inhabitants had tried to get rid of the ferocious monster, but had not succeeded, so they finally negotiated a price with it to be able to draw water from the source. The agreed price was neither more nor less than one human victim per trip. The unfortunate offering was chosen, each time, by lot. And, also each time, she was devoured by the dragon.

Legend has it that on the occasion when it was the princess – the king’s daughter – who was to be handed over to the monster, Saint George – a knight on a white steed – appeared on the scene and, with his spear, freed the maiden, “He put an end to the life of the dragon and the fear of the people through an accurate, mortal and bloody wound from which a flower sprouted, a red rose like the one that lovers give each other today.”

Más allá del merchandising que envuelve esta festividad, he buceado a la profundidad de esta leyenda áurea de Sant Jordi y he descubierto un paralelismo con la flor de loto que creé en Reluet representando a una confluencia de ríos.

Como sabéis, la flor de loto de Reluet nació de mi imaginación cómo un ser que nace de las aguas del pantano de Rialp tras creer haber perdido mi identidad.

La leyenda de Sant Jordi y su relación con el agua, los ríos y las confluencias:

  • The dragon, the tireless and playful thought guarding the brain, the fountain and the water. It tests us daily to see if we have learned the lesson of life which is none other than to flow without clinging.
  • Negotiation, conquering fear. The unknown overwhelms us and going out is taking a risk.
  • The gentleman, knowing ourselves. Knowing ourselves is the risk and it is not changing, it is learning and learning is growing.
  • The princess, the purpose
  • The spear, gratitude to melt fear.
  • The blood and the rose, the lesson of life, flow like a river. Every thorn is a stone to embrace and keep you awake.

I could continue reading between the lines and deciphering more messages from this beautiful legend of Sant Jordi.

“We are unique rivers that join with other rivers and give rise to a beautiful confluence.”

This Sant Jordi gives a unique detail

Buy the Sant Jordi rose along with the postcard that re-signifies the traditional Sant Jordi rose. An limited numbering illustration of 10x15cm painted in watercolor, accompanied by the deciphered message of the golden legend of Sant Jordiflow, and protected with anti-counterfeiting and inviolability security labels designed by Pukkart together with the Mint and Stamp Factory to keep intact the legacy that together we will leave to generations.

A visual narrative, a dialogue where you are the third key element to connect with me and the work.

reinvention of the Rose of Sant Jordi Reluet

This Sant Jordi gives a unique Rose

reinvention of the Rose of Sant Jordi Arte Reluet.jpg

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Inauguration of Reluet Art Studio

Inauguration of Reluet Art Studio

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