Personalized portrait gift for weddings

Reluet personalized portraits are the perfect wedding detail to surprise your guests or surprise you. A different photograph. An original portrait.

We know perfectly well that when you set a date to legalize this project, as important as it is to share a learning path with your life partner, you take care of all the details of the wedding, always keeping your friends and family in mind. The same thing happens when we celebrate silver weddings and golden weddings.

In short, they are the most emotional and fun parts of weddings. They love you very much, they would not miss this important event in your lives for anything in the world and they will do everything possible to make that unique, magical and difficult to describe moment even more perfect because many emotions flourish, miles of experiences traveled.

Reluet Artist Personalized Portrait Gift

Give a personalized painting at a wedding

So what are we waiting for if you already have in front of you an original wedding detail, an authentic wedding detail, a personalized wedding detail, an exclusive wedding detail to surprise your guests.

In short, gifts that leave a mark. 🎁

The most personal gift that aims to thank you for being there and continuing to advance in the beautiful tunnel of life called learning.

And the most important…

Who do you want to give the gift to on the wedding day?

Give to grandparents.

Give to parents.

Give to wedding witnesses.

Gift to the bridesmaids.

Gift to siblings.

Give to the godmother.

Gift to…

A good detail right?

Tell me your idea and we make it come true

Gifts that leave a mark


Why a personalized frame with the Reluet brand?

Reluet personalized wedding portraits have a nuance:

  • are forged from authenticity
  • consciously listening to the strokes in the initials of the names of friends and family
  • under an expression of my own that is born from my introspection “Rediscovering” and is based on 4 pillars: identity, moving forward without judgment, resilience and reinvention.
  • 2 messages in one creation: yours with the line in the initials and mine under the rubric Reluet (the name of my home, Cal Teuler, backwards) raising from the waters the history of my identity by the construction of a swamp.

Anyone who knows us knows perfectly well that at Reluet no two custom art designs are the same. Feelings are unique to each person just like my custom art creations.

What custom box format do we decide?

Custom portrait sheet for weddings, A3 or other size, drawn in watercolor.

High quality fine grain 300 gram paper. Characteristic for its delicate tone, its grain and for its acid-free and optical brightening-free permanent antifungal treatment qualities.

Custom portrait canvas for weddings.

Mixed technique on a wooden board, door, window,…

Personalized portrait print – for David & Laura’s wedding

I have had the pleasure of being able to create a gift for the couple and surprise them.

An A3 sheet painted in watercolor with the lines of his initials D and L.

The D symbolizes the arch and the L the place.

Its title is the construction of a future advancing with self-determination.

Personalized Wedding Gift Reluet Art
Personalized wedding gift box by Artist Reluet

Reluet Stamp

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Personalized invitations, Merry Christmas Reluet

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Personalized corporate agendas

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