Personalized corporate agendas

Reluet personalized corporate agendas are the perfect asset to communicate with drawings the reflection of the team unity or the values ​​of your company.

The simplicity of the agenda and its powerful purpose, taking action, are embedded in a world of creation where nothing is what it seems, giving rise to:

  • A personalized agenda with authenticity.

  • A personalized agenda with a coded message:

      • Your values ​​(Collection drawn what I feel)
      • Your Team (Intertwined Lineages Collection)
Eccus logo work personalized corporate agenda


These personalized corporate agendas are one of the best recognitions for your employees.

And a perfect corporate gift as promotional or advertising actions to publicize the brand itself or the brand’s team unity values ​​projected with an arrow forward with the initials of the travel companions, employees, and leadership with an arch.

Personalized corporate agenda for Eccus

It has been a real pleasure to design the corporate agenda for the company ECCUS S.L.

ECCUS is a company specialized in technical, environmental projects and works.

It has a team of professionals and external collaborators widely qualified in different fields.

The human team has served as inspiration for me to design the agenda, creating the drawing from lines using their names.strong,

If you want me to make you a sketch or you want to tell me your idea!

Personalized corporate agenda for Eccus

Result of the personalized corporate agenda

Personalized corporate agendas

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