Special gift for JUDIT

Reluet loves to rediscover and this time she has immersed herself in the name of Judit.

A special gift for Judit.

A personalized sheet that rediscovers Judit’s name from the Rediscovering Your Name Collection. The alphabet of names that invites you to move forward.

Why is the Judit print the perfect gift I’m looking for?

It is a unique gift.

It is an authentic gift, with its own seal. The Rediscover.

A gift that will surprise you and surprise her when she rediscovers her name, Judit.

In short, it will not go unnoticed because it is an original print and a print with its own personality as its recipient.

Special gift for JUDIT - Reluet

Features of the sheet.

  • Illustration: A3
  • Measurement: 29.7 cm x 42 cm (other size possible)
  • Materials: watercolor
  • Paper: High quality fine grain 300 grams (140 Ib). Characteristic for its delicate tone, its grain and for its permanent antifungal treatment qualities, acid-free and without optical brightening.
  • Framing: white artisanal process
  • Certificate of authenticity.

Are you looking for a unique and personalized gift.

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