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On Thursday, June 8, 2023 andThe digital medium of the lands of Lleida: “Ponent y Pirineus” published my participation in the documentary “Rialp, l’últim pantà” where the irregularities in the construction of the last reservoir in Spain, the largest in Catalonia and currently the driest.

1999, a goodbye without return, my home Cal Teuler, my town Miralpeix along with five more Tiurana, Castellnou de Bassella, Bassella, la Clua and Aguilar.

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2009 the birth of Reluet. An indomitable duel in which it took me 13 years to understand my brushes and reach the goal, peace. I did not lose my identity, but lifted it up from the waters in an expression.

The main axes of my work: resilience, reinvention and courage. These themes reflect my personal experience of having to leave my home behind and rebuild my life in a new environment.

Reinvention manifests itself in my ability to give new life and meaning to seemingly forgotten objects. Resilience is reflected in my ability to overcome challenges and adapt to new circumstances. And bravery is shown in my willingness to explore and express myself through art, sharing my story and emotions with the public.

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Exhibition in 1819 Art Gallery Montmartre

Exhibition in 1819 Art Gallery Montmartre

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