We are rivers and not swamps

Exhibition in 1819 Art Gallery Montmartre

I have the pleasure of exhibiting in the exclusive virtual Showroom of 1819 Art Gallery Montmartre.

A Gallery with a long history, since 2008.

Under the motto “We are rivers and not swamps” I present my expression, Rediscover. My philosophy of creation and lifestyle. Identity, moving forward without judgment, resilience and reinvention.

An expression that was born from my introspection after believing that in 1999 I had lost my identity due to a swamp and what I was doing, after the death of my paternal grandfather Josep in 2009, was to raise it from the waters into an artistic object under my pseudonym Reluet, backwards the name of my home Cal Teuler.

It took me 13 years to understand my purpose and give the title to the first painting with a door to my home covered under the waters.

The arduous beauty of darkness took over my reality and did not let me see the beauty of life. But I got up, I didn’t give up and I tried again until I cultivated my authenticity thanks to consciously listening to my strokes.

Nobody explained to us the hardness of life, but believe me, successes emerge from adversity.

Thank your Director Antonio Sanchez and his colleague Mari Carmen Naranjo, responsible for Exhibitions, for their kindness, hospitality and attention.

Creations that bring peace with non-artistic materials under the discipline of painting, sculpture and illustration, inviting the viewer to enjoy the moment, feeling and smiling..

4 stamps, 3 collections and a world to rediscover at the Reluet Studio in Castellserà (Lleida):

  • Intertwined lineages: playing with the outline of the unit’s initials.
  • Rediscovering your name: the alphabet that invites you to move forward.
  • Drawing what I feel: conscious listening to messages.

Will you tell me your story?

Exhibition in 1819 Art Gallery Montmartre

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Intertwined lineages

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