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This Friday, February 2, the report that Beatriz Vivar, Director-Conductor and Producer of the Viajeros en el Arte space, gave birth to me. A great river that I admire professionally and even more so personally. An artistic and cultural online radio program broadcast by a radio station from Buenos Aires in collaboration with the Barcelona Art Experience (organizer of MEAN plastic workshops) and MEAN (European Museum of Modern Art).

As Jaume Plensa said:

“The interesting thing is not the artist, it is the person. To make good art you have to grow as a person, art is a consequence of that. It’s not about painting life, it’s about making painting alive.”

I share the full report with you at this link:

And this link where at minute 55:08 they welcome me on the live program as a member of the club: “welcome”

Reluet, an artist with a deep look and a resilient heart.

Logotipo Viajeros en el arte y esta es su historia
Nuria de Reluet con los Locutores del programa de viajeros en el arte
Artista Nuria de Reluet con los Locutores del programa de viajeros en el arte

Report given to me by Beatriz Vivar, Director-Conductor and Producer of the Viajeros en el Arte space.

Núria Companys Castro

A multidisciplinary artist with a deep vision and a resilient heart, she is the Founder of the Reluet Resilient Art movement that gave birth to Miralpeix in 1981.

In the whirlwind of life, in 1999, Núria disconnected from her own identity without realizing it, a goodbye without return that led her to anchor herself in the gaze of her childhood, a thirteen-year-old girl whose image remained stuck in the image. from its home cradled under a sheet of non-translucent water, the swamp.

It was in 2009 when he decided to reconnect with his authenticity and Reluet was born, the reverse of the name of his beloved home Cal Teuler.

His first work was a painting with a door of his beloved home and since then his brushes have not stopped flowing to give rise in each work to a beautiful confluence of rivers, the dialogue between the viewer, the creator and the work. An invitation to recognize and celebrate the complexity of human emotions and connections with the natural and social environment.

Four disciplines and a fascinating journey of introspection to rediscover.

Drawing what I feel Illustrations. Simplified compositions, spontaneous brushstrokes with the bold use of color. Each one represents a distinctive aspect that is born from the artist’s mind to represent the ideals of resilience, reinvention and courage.

The naked reinvention. Sculptures and paintings. Lost and abandoned objects are reborn before the artist’s watchful eye. Your ally in sculptures, the mirror.

Criptology One of the ways to tell a story is through text organized in paragraphs and with a clear structure. The artist uses the discipline of cryptology as an ally to preserve the history of messages. It processes them and makes them difficult or even impossible to read, thus establishing its background.

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