Interview with the First Blind Film Director Emilio Ortiz

Emilio Ortiz is a blind writer who was born in Barakaldo.

He has five published books that you can buy at the Casa del Libro and at Bunker Books:

  • Through my little eyes.
  • Everything will be fine.
  • A thousand ways to thank you.
  • Six legs, two friends.
  • Life with a dog is more

These days he is promoting his novel “The Women of a Thousand Names” and now, this restless mind has proposed to be the First Blind Film Director in Spain and bring one of his film scripts “The Giant” to the big screen. from the feet of Clay.”

Reluet wanted to be part of his story by becoming producer and sponsor of his short film.

On February 8th I had the pleasure of being able to interview him live on my Instagram account and he interviewed me live on his Facebook account on January 18th.

Two deep and very enjoyable talks about the events that marked our lives.

Remember that the greatest conqueror is the one who conquers himself.

Cover of the book “The Women of a Thousand Names”

Book Cover Women of a Thousand Names by Emilio Ortiz

Book Description:

The characters in this novel live in a permanent and frenetic social conflict that makes us reflect on issues such as addictions, crime, prostitution, love or sexuality. Rosa Parks is a young twenty-one-year-old feminist activist. Aurelia is a prostituted woman who has suffered abuse and who one day was thrown off the cliff of life by fate. At the precise moment when she seems to have hit rock bottom, she will find herself involved in a series of events that will probably change the course of her existence. The Women of a Thousand Names is a realistic novel, told in a non-existent city, but at the same time, it faithfully reflects the reality of any city in the world. «The women of a thousand names can be read with the skin. There is so much of us in its pages that the book becomes a faithful reflection of our struggles. Through Rosa Parks you will travel to the depths of feminist thought” Cristina del Valle, singer and activist for Human Rights.

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