International Women’s Online Exhibition

I have had the pleasure of participating in the International Exhibition that explores the multifaceted theme of women organized by the Barbagelata Contemporary Art Foundation.

The Barbagelata Contemporary Art Foundation (BCAF) specializes in facilitating purpose-driven interventions at the interaction of art and humanities that catalyze regenerative transformation.

They gave me a Certificate of Artistic Merit in recognition of my high artistic quality.

Title of the Work: The origin

This work conceptually revolves around the origin of existence, life, paying tribute to our parents.

The embryo, the heartbeat of the beautiful confluence of two unique rivers that come together to give rise to a new generation. Open, free of fear, restless and adventurous, for approximately 40 weeks she flows in a garden of abundance, her mother’s womb, with her head high and her feet in front, moving forward with determination and without judgment to leave a record of her legacy.

International Women's Exhibition - Work of Gestation - Reluet

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nternational Women's Exhibition Work Gestation - Reluet
International Women's Exhibition - Reluet
International Women's Exhibition Work Gestation - Reluet Certificate

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