Family portrait mother and son

Personalized print to give to my son, Reluet art.

As you know I love to immerse myself and rediscover. Hence my expression, Rediscover, which I have been forging since 2009.

Reluet single-parent family portraits are unique and invite you to move steadily forward.

The perfect gift to give a mother or father to their child or to give a child to their mother or father that you were looking for and had not yet found.

A 100% exclusive family portrait with Certificate of Authenticity.

Rediscovery session

In Reluet the word printed sheet is not found in our dictionary only:

  • Original sheets drawn in watercolor A3 (29.7 cm x 42 cm or possibility of another size) of high quality of fine grain of 300 grams characteristic for its delicate tone, its grain and its qualities of permanent antifungal treatment, free of acid and without optical brightener.
  • Paintings drawn with mixed technique on non-artistic materials such as wood.

I leave you my family portrait.

Filial love of a mother, N, to her son A

giving free rein to love.

Gift from a mother to her son Reluet Art

Two strokes united by a smile.

I step forward, skipping the chapters, the obstacles, of this great book called learning, life.

Teaching us to be stronger and take the positive side of events.

Shall we begin to shape your mother and son/daughter family portrait or father and son/daughter family portrait?

Reluet, authenticity in each creation.

Confetti the message, your initials and the one behind the Reluet heading.

And the cake is the common purpose, investing in oneself, the family portrait of mother and son/daughter or father and son/daughter.

Reluet Stamp

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Personalized invitations, Merry Christmas Reluet

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Personalized corporate agendas

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