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Reluet personalized lamps are characterized by being unique lamp designs that play with a mirror to rediscover each of their faces.

Lamps created with non-artistic objects, for example, a brick, that integrate key messages from the Collection Drawing what I feel or your message and the functionality of light.

Nuances that highlight the authenticity of my designs since 2009 with a common purpose “investing in oneself”.

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The result is sustainable, long-lasting pieces that feel the lines and invite you to rediscover and experience an emotion.

What will you find if you decide to have me design one of my lamps with you?

  • Creations that speak for themselves, AUTHENTICITY.
  • The fusion of your message or with which to empathize with Reluet in a selection of non-artistic objects that transmit passion and creativity in the process.
  • Designs under the Rediscover seal, my reinvention, that will make the difference and personality of your home or business.
  • Environmentally friendly.
  • And the “power of RE” that characterizes me as you well know: re-use, re-cycle, re-new,…

Personalized lamp “The splendor of the owl”

This lamp sculpture is titled “The Splendor of the Owl.”

The brick masked with the plaster materializes the place, the experiences.

The owl the beautiful darkness; the root the camouflage and the simplicity of a light bulb its splendor.

Personalized lamp Reluet owl art

What do you think?

Shall we bring your ideal to the material plane and give it shape as we have done in this home?

Personalized lamp by Reluet

Lamps made to meet your tastes and needs, often requiring a unique combination of materials, colors, styles and sizes. Designed to fit into any decorative environment.

Personalized Lamp Reluet Owl Art

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