Abartium Barcelona Gallery Exhibition

On Saturday, July 15, 2023, I had the pleasure of participating in the Contemporary Collective Exhibition of a multidisciplinary nature, together with other great colleagues: Sabina Huber, Alba Eva, Sveta Amova, Sasa Buib, Marga Corsín, Arturo Infante, Emilio López, Miquel A. Mercader, Mercedes Quesada Mia Remi, Álvaro Tirado Mantell, Abril Tormos , Trujillo that we share the passion for works of art, paintings, works, sculptures, etc. who organized the Abartium Studio & Gallery.

Abartium is a contemporary art studio & gallery specialized in art projects for collecting, interior design and architecture. https://www.abartium.com

Thank Eva Cunill for her kindness and hospitality.


When you find your place, you have the unconditional support of your family that follows you to the end of the world, the affection of people who know you or don’t know you, but your story resonates with them because there is a parallel with theirs. The adversities. You realize that you have to live the moments, embrace the beauty of darkness, learn from it and forgive to find peace.

My artistic expression since 2009 is summarized in an invitation to invest in oneself by going to the origin. Thank you.

Abartium Exhibition in Barcelona Reluet - Work ABUNDANCE - HAM

Exhibition at the Abartium Art Gallery


In this work, the artist gives new life through a sculpture of a ham holder, a white fork, a circular cut piece of wood and a mason’s flame.

According to popular legend, dreaming about handing out ham to your guests at a party means that you are a generous and abundant person who easily makes new friends. This is represented in the work through a ham holder as a centerpiece that symbolizes the abundance of a fertile valley and the generosity of its people with their crops.

In the artist’s house, as in other houses, the pig was slaughtered. A family feast around this delicacy that is used practically in its entirety.

Reflection of the artist:

“The world is drawn by feeling.”

Abartium Barcelona Reluet Exhibition - Work ABUNDANCE HAM
Abartium Exhibition in Barcelona - Reluet - Obrar ABUNDANCE - HAM
Abartium Exhibition in Barcelona - Reluet - Obrar ABUNDANCE - JAM


he artist pays tribute to her parents’ profession as farmers by redefining the symbol of irrigation.

Water, the fertility of tears, the will to keep going.

Reflection of the artist:

“The fortress of the dragon guarding the most beautiful flower. You. Decide to fully live the wonderful day that lies ahead of you and your future will bloom. Because when you listen to yourself, your authenticity blooms because you are unique, your creator, your producer and designer.”

Abartium Exhibition in Barcelona - Reluet - Work EL RIEGO (waterer)

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