Pukkart protects Reluet’s legacy

We live in an ocean of capricious movement. I am not willing to let my works live in a sea of ​​tears. Reluet resilient paintings, Reluet resilient sculptures and Reluet resilient illustrations have decided to flow and I will be by your side enjoying every moment.

In 1999 I had to start from scratch with my family with a suitcase loaded with memories, smells and objects through a capricious swamp that did not let me decide.

In 2009 I found my life purpose by connecting my identity with my authenticity.

Today I am not willing to let anyone take ownership of my artistic legacy.

What I liked was when I heard “Pukkart Art Protection against fraud on works of art”.

Digitalart certifies and protects works of art, making art trade safe and transparent with its certificates of authenticity and ownership for artists, collectors and galleries. With its security labels, based on blockchain technology, designed together with the National Mint and Stamp Factory, they guarantee the inviolability and non-counterfeiting of the works.

Thank you Joaquin and Azahara, your anti-counterfeiting and inviolability technology has marked a before and after when protecting cultural heritage.

Pukkart protects Reluet’s legacy

Certificate of authenticity Reluet works - by Pukkart
Certificate of authenticity works Reluet by Pukkart

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