Moving forward without demanding too much of yourself

A journey of introspection.
Fear is overcome in the mind.


42 cm x 97 cm

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Its story
Painting Balance

Life gave the artist the brushes to dance freely on stage again, your smile when discovering the work, and knowing that the history of her village is not forgotten under her pseudonym.

This painting “Balance” conceptually revolves around the struggle to stay upright in a strange world where we do not fit.

The artist appreciates the magic of life thanks to the arduous beauty of the darkness of a swamp.

With the branch, she symbolizes the legacy and rebirth of the families of the families from the six villages submerged under the muddy waters of the Rialp swamp in 1999. In one of those village, Miralpeix, she spent her childhood until the age of thirteen. She discovered this bare branch in the summer of 2022 as the water level descended, its incandescent beauty dazzling her. In it, she perceived a silhouette with an amputated leg, representing the courage of those families not to give up, to rise and try again, overcoming the greatest dream killer: fear. This concept inspired the colors used in the artwork; yellows, oranges, and reds.

She materialized adversities, life itself, and the muddy waters of the swamp in a dark chair with textured reliefs made from burnt plastic waste, representing a book full of stories, experiences, and emotions that go unnoticed under a non-translucent sheet of water.

Her reflection after creating the painting “Equilibrium”:

“Move forward without demanding too much of yourself.

We’ve all had complexes at some point.

As the years go by, you realize that fear must

be overcome in the realm of the mind and not elsewhere.”

Steps to follow
Painting Balance

Thank you for slowly descending into the fascinating world of Reluet and connecting your brain like a computer, using your heart as a compass to know the place you want to reach with her work.

Within 24 hours, the artist will welcome you by telephone to inform you of the delivery time, depending on the destination, and embark on the fascinating journey to your home.

Pukkart - Art Protection
Painting Balance

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This smart label includes the following security measures:

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  • Microtexts, just below the title, printed in positive and negative.
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Pukkart - Art Protection

Pukkart - Art Protection

Original and Unique work
Drawing Restlessness

The magic of her brushes begins when an object enters her atelier, she caresses it and surrounds it with the objects that she was able to take from the waters of the swamp. At that moment, she connects her identity with her authenticity and the result is this unique piece that she presents to you, a mixed technique with non-artistic objects.