Personalized locket from a personal object to an artistic one

Reluet personalized reliquaries have a high emotional value.

He metamorphosed the personal object of a loved one, he left us the body, but not the soul, into an artistic object, becoming a place of refuge, a sacred place, a place of conscious listening.

The locket has a unique design that is born from the essence, the personal object of the loved one.

These are my reliquaries

Personalized locket in a painting with a door from my home. Identity

My paternal grandfather Josep died, I was very connected to him, and my expression Rediscover was born in 2009.

Without knowing it, I made my personalized locket with a door from our beloved home, which is submerged under the waters of a swamp, where we lived with my sister, my parents and my grandparents.

The message “Welcome.”

The bouquet of flowers with the thick wire symbolizes gratitude for all the years we lived at Cal Teuler. This painting is signed under my pseudonym by my father.

Reluet birth painting

Personalized locket in a sculpture with my grandmother’s watering can.

My maternal grandmother Josefa died. She was the one who gave us shelter when we had to pack our bags and my parents still weren’t sure where to start our lives.

The message “The fortress of the dragon guarding the most beautiful flower You.

Decide to fully live the wonderful day ahead of you and your future will blossom.”

Watering Can Decoration Personalized Sculpture Reluet Artwork

For Reluet it will be a pleasure to listen to you and begin to shape it into an exclusive piece that speaks of the emotions and memories of that person, traveling through kilometers of smiles.

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