Personalized gift for communion

A personalized and special gift for communion.

At Reluet we are committed to authenticity and for this special occasion for the little ones in the house we have immersed ourselves in a personalized sheet to give a personalized touch to the Communion decoration.

A Communion gift that is at the same time a detail of communion, a reminder of communion, with coded messages and an artistic piece reflecting the authenticity of your son or daughter with my expression Rediscover.

Surprised guests and everything in a personalized communion sheet.

Characteristics of the personalized sheet

Original A3 sheets drawn in watercolor with high quality 300 gram fine grain paper.

Characteristic for its delicate tone, its grain and for its permanent antifungal treatment qualities, free of acids and without optical brightening.

Reluet personalized communion gift sheet

What do we need to start shaping it?

1 – Choose the Collection to decorate the Communion:

Option a) Drawing what I feel

Option b) Rediscovering your name

Option c) Intertwined lineages

2 – Shape the Communion detail:

Option a) Know your son or daughter’s tastes if we want to communicate a message with a drawing.

Option b) The name of your son or daughter.

Option c) The initials of the family names

3 – Enjoy the experience of working as a team with your children in a unique communion detail.

4 – Surprise guests with an artistic object.

Shall we start the trip?

Since 2009, I have been surprised and surprised by the lovely families that have crossed my path to create an artistic object that accompanies and travels kilometers of distances united by the same bond. The generations.

Communion photo session

I leave you a dream session of photographs that our artistic colleague Sara Lagunas and her website with her services gave us. Thanks

Communion give personalized gift Reluet

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