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Nuria Companys Castro de ReluetMamprendedora of the Month

On Monday, June 12, they published an interview with me as an entrepreneur mom of the month of June in the Mamprendedora Community.

I always say …

  • We are rivers that join with other rivers and form a beautiful confluence.
  • If your eyes shine, that is the way and you are your best leader.
  • Don’t look at the side. Follow the lines of your own uniqueness.
  • Build your dream with what you feel and what resonates with you, thus cultivating your authenticity
  • Don’t be upset because at first you have to invest money, but then it appreciates in value.
  • Don’t run and enjoy the birth of your once-only venture.

Everything comes.

Feel, smile and enjoy the moment.

Thank Natalie for allowing me this space and giving voice to my artistic entrepreneurship project, here you can read the full interview.

Interview Mamprendedora Nuria Reluet

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Rediscovering your name

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Drawing what I feel

Drawing what I feel

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