Inauguration of Reluet Art Studio

from a dream to a reality

On Saturday, November 26, I inaugurated the Reluet Studio in Castellserà.

A studio whose objective is to be your moment to anchor your story, your message or the one you empathize with Reluet in a unique print, a unique sculpture, a unique canvas or a unique piece of furniture and to be your compass that accompanies you wherever you go.

Thank each of the people who accompanied me and those who could not come span, smile

Your expressions of affection are my source of energy to pick up a pencil and leave it free at will and then travel to your homes, my refuge.

I share with you the presentation video of the Reluet World that we projected on the big screen and the transcription of Pili Tobajas’ words about personalized works of inner growth:

Words from Pili Tobajas

To all of us who are so proud of our origins, our roots, our people, our customs and traditions,… Finally, our people. It was very easy for us to understand Reluet’s works.

Nostalgia, pride, family, conflicting feelings, love, a swing of emotions.

Those of us who had the opportunity to explore the Reluet exhibition freely and without an audience were able to have the fun of searching for hidden concepts in the works that appeared as the viewing angles and perspective changed; intrigue and curiosity about the story that was hidden behind each work. (Nuria, I would have loved to put some headphones on you and listen to the story of the person who commissioned it for you. How I would have loved to know why that color, that texture, that object, what feeling I wanted to express…)

I left there with a bath of positivism and good vibes because at the exhibition I saw many memories captured in works (metamorphosis you call it) and good memories should always make us smile because we are lucky to have them.”

Inauguration of art studio with Pili Tobajas

Some images of the inauguration

Inauguration of Reluet art studio showing my works
Reluet Castellserà art studio inauguration


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