ECCUS, Reluet’s travel companion

The ECCUS company helps me make my artistic legacy known in every corner of the world.

ECCUS is a company providing environmental consulting services, geotechnical and geological studies, heritage and civil works, as well as other engineering services, which has a team of professionals and external collaborators widely qualified in different fields.

Thank you for the support I receive from your manager Clara Companys Castro, Roger Pau Balsells and your great team. For me it is an honor to be able to be part of this beautiful confluence of rivers that advances and does not stop.

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5th Anniversary Imaginarte Gallery

Eccus y Reluet

Colaboradores Reluet

Pukkart protects Reluet’s legacy

Pukkart protects Reluet’s legacy

Pukkart protects Reluet’s legacy.

Thank you Joaquin and Azahara, your anti-counterfeiting and inviolability technology has marked a before and after when protecting cultural heritage.