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On Tuesday, November 29, they published an article by Reluet on their website and shortly they will also do so on their Instagram, specifically in Yorokobu magazine.

Yorokobu is defined as a team of people who like innovation, inspiration, trends, the adventures of entrepreneurs, the positive things that happen in the world and no one counts.

They publish a monthly magazine “our space for analysis, reflection, creativity and the pleasure of delving into hundreds of inspiring projects from armchair reading.”

I would like to thank Yorokobu magazine and the journalist Mariángeles García for allowing me this space to present my artistic project, here you can read the full interview.

Yorokobu magazine interview

Article in Yorokobu magazine

I would like to share with you some nuances in the extended interview and summarize in two words the works Reluet, AUTHENTICITY and SOUL.

Unique pieces, with personality and personalized because the strokes lie from the heart as Mariángeles has well reflected throughout the article.

We discuss each of the nuances in detail.

For example, this personalized canvas with the initials of the 4 family members with a wooden board

Personalized canvas with family initials Reluet Artworks

Or this personalized sheet with the initials of two people building a project for the future.

ART Reluet family personalized sheet

I literally transcribe some of his words:

…one day he discovered the reason for everything he did…”

“a process of personal growth that starts from grief to reach the joy of being alive.”

“That discovery also led him to understand the reason for his signature, Reluet., which is nothing more than the name of his family home, Teuler, written backwards. Thus, through her art and her seal, she fulfilled a purpose: “to vindicate the history of this town” and with it, democratize art to give voice to herself and her dormant feelings, and to anyone who is inspired by their messages of growth.”

“He speaks of rediscovery when he tries to define his works. Not only personal, but also “the hidden beauty of the objects we consider dead.”

“This rediscovery is what he also wants to make reach those who want to buy his pieces or commission works from his own objects with history.”

Your message can serve as a compass for others.”

photo journalist magazine This is the photo of the journalist when you send her a message smile.

Gallery with some of my creations

Intertwined lineage canvases

canvas paintings lineages Reluet

Drawing what I feel

Drawing what I feel

Intertwined lineage sheets

lineage custom sheets


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