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“You’ll know that is the way when your eyes shine.

I chose not to cling to anything, to flow like a river and surprise myself.

I dare to think differently, rediscovering the beauty

that our eyes do not see in everything that around us.”

Núria Companys Castro is a leading multidisciplinary artist and founder of the “Resilient Art Movement” with her RELUET project. She has completed university studies in Human Resources, obtaining a Diploma and a Master’s Degree in Human Resources Management. Her work includes mainly painting, illustration, and sculpture, and has been presented in numerous exhibitions.

“Reluet” is based on the narrative of her house, “Cal Teuler”, in a village that was submerged under the water of a swamp. The name comes from “Teuler” read backwards, where Reluet is born after the loss of a home. The village, called Miralpeix, was the place where Núria Companys spent her childhood until she was thirteen. At that time, together with her family, she had to start looking for a new home.

In her artistic process, the artist takes elements considered inanimate, such as a door, a window, or a chair, which she took with her from her home in Cal Teuler, and gives them a new life through her work.

In her work, three main themes can be identified: reinvention, resilience, and bravery. These themes reflect the artist’s experience of leaving her home behind and rebuilding her life in a new environment. Reinvention is manifested in her ability to give new life and meaning to seemingly forgotten objects. Resilience is reflected in her ability to overcome challenges and adapt to new circumstances. Her willingness to explore and express herself through art shows bravery, sharing her story and emotions with the audience.

“Life is light.
Darkness is beauty
I choose light.
No matter how far I fall
I will always get up with a smile.
I will not fall into darkness again.
I will seek the light no matter how hard it is.”

“We are unique rivers that come together with other rivers and give rise to a beautiful confluence”.




A cheerful child until she was 13

Daughter of farmers and stockbreeders, she was born on 2 March 1981 at 16:00h in Miralpeix. A beautiful town made up of fourteen houses and a 16th-century Romanesque chapel with Barroque paintings inside, located tothe left of the river Segre, in the province of Lleida.

Her parents and grandparents safeguarded the happiness of the artist and that of her sister, the last generations of Miralpeix until the last farewell with no return. They did not want to empower a thirsty swamp that did not let them decide and now cries after seeing its power dwindle.

But the artist missed her ancestral home, Cal Teuler, where many generations had lived.

She opened the window and heard the flowing water of the river. Now she understands, over the years, that those polished rocks she jumped on as a child, were embraced by the water to make them aware of the beauty of life so that they would forgive and move forward without clinging to the moment.

I experimented and imagined mud pies decorated with colourful spikes, huts made of reeds, and dresses for Barbies made from scraps of clothing from the dresses her mother made for them.

The Reluet Story 1



Disconnected from her identity

Miralpeix together with 5 villages, Tiurana, la Clua, Basella, and Aguilar, fought with resignation until the last breath and disappeared under the waters of the swamp of Rialp.

The water in silence, imprisoned and muzzled, safeguarded the happiness of a kingdom that was fertile and did not give up until lowering the flow.

Now, a heart-blinded swamp cries to nature for having seen only its reality and not the beauty of life.

Tiurana before and after



She decided to connect with her authenticity

On 15 September his paternal grandfather Josep died, but not his essence. It was then that her life took a 180-degree turn. She took a door from the storeroom in her beloved home and told her father to split it into three parts. She put plaster on it, the most beautiful dress, took the thick wire and created a bouquet of flowers, and wrote the pseudonym Reluet, the name of her home backwards, Cal Teuler, and the following reflection:

“Imagination is the basis of many things, and our concerns take us into a world where perception allows us to see, for an instant, what we don’t usually see in what surrounds us”.

It took the artist 13 years to give a title to her first painting and to be able to sign her works. Until then, they were signed by her father. An untamed grief imprisoned her and prevented her from seeing her marvellous inner world and how much she had to offer to the world and to herself.

The swamp only took away the bricks.

The home connected her identity with her authenticity by raising together her home Cal Teuler and her village Miralpeix from the waters.
For this reason, the artist has an invisible tattoo, so that no one can take away from her each of the homes that have given her shelter, the bricks of the homes that are yet to come, as well as the roads to be travelled.

The home of Nuria Companys Castro Reluet
Story Reluet Artworks



She turned her wishes into reality

The artist flows freely with her works, which align with her purpose: to accompany, serve, and invest in oneself.

She creates a world where nothing is what it seems, of resilience, reinvention, and courage. No matter how many times you immerse yourself in it, you will always be surprised because you are the protagonist of her pieces of work.

She forgives the swamp and herself for making her feel small.

The artist says:
“We have to raise the dormant feelings and thank them.”

Her current version is the wisdom of the past.


NOW we begin to draw YOUR


Rediscovery session

A beautiful lotus flower flourished in her mind, and her brushes lifted it forcefully from the dirty waters of her reality, which did not let her see the beauty of life.

Home, the master key to understanding her purpose in life. Green leaves that have given shelter to her works, white petals to remain immaculate, and the history of her village so it shines in every corner of the world.


Conte En el País Senzill - Nuria Companys Castro

2015 – “Simple Country”. Author of the first solidarity story for the AFANOG Association of children with Cancer.

Conte Un Dia Senzill - Nuria Companys Castro

2017 – “A simple day”. Promotion and dissemination of second solidarity story for the AMPANS Foundation for people with intellectual disabilities and mental illnesses at risk of exclusion.

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