The Phoenix Bird

Get out

Do things because you want to.

Not to please anyone.

You are greater than you think.

But you’re afraid of your power because you don’t see it.


Watercolour on paper 29,7 x 42 cm
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Its story
Drawing the Phoenix Bird

Life gave the artist the brushes to dance freely on stage again, your smile when discovering the work, and knowing that the history of her village is not forgotten under her pseudonym.

The indomitable grief of the artist sought to decide for her, but her brushes were more cunning, never ceasing to advance without judgment until they found peace Her roadmap: perseverance, thirteen years, and a summit, peace. She hadn’t lost her identity, just the bricks.

Now the swamp, thirsty for thirst, weeps the reality after seeing its flow diminish.

For this reason, her work conceptually revolves around the myth of the Phoenix Bird due to its symbolism of hope and regeneration, becoming the centre of artistic imagination and inviting us to reflect on death and memory.

In this piece, the artist also aims to address social consciousness, connecting the souls of individuals with both individual and collective identity, intertwining their history with the present.

Her reflection after drawing “the Phoenix Bird”:

“Don’t let others decide for you. If you do, your smile is erased from your face. “

Steps to follow
Drawing the Phoenix Bird

Thank you for slowly descending into the fascinating world of Reluet and connecting your brain like a computer, using your heart as a compass to know the place you want to reach with her work.

Within 24 hours, the artist will welcome you by telephone to inform you of the delivery time, depending on the destination, and embark on the fascinating journey to your home.

Pukkart - Art Protection
Drawing the Phoenix Bird

This work is exclusively yours, no one else’s.

logo_pukkart Certificate Pukkart |

The artist has safeguarded your physical and digital work to prevent anyone from claiming it with an adhesive identity support designed by Digital Art Global S.L. in collaboration with the “Fábrica Nacional de La Moneda y Timbre”. This certification ensures the authenticity and ownership of your work. It incorporates anti-counterfeiting and tamper-evident technology, enabling future generations to access all the information about its timeless artistic legacy through a QR code registered on the blockchain.

This smart label includes the following security measures:

  • Die-cutting technique to prevent the label from peeling off without tearing.
  • Encoded image, lower grey stripe, visible only with a special magnifying glass (at a specific angle) Making photocopies impossible.
  • Encoded images in the square security elements (upper right grey and lower left red).
  • Anti-copy and anti-scan security elements.
  • Microtexts, just below the title, printed in positive and negative.
  • Embossed logotype in the upper left corner.
  • Guilloches, small squares with multiple arrangements of lines, printed in line work.
  • Infrared printing features (in the black logotype). Detectable by infrared devices and forensic security measures.

All copyright and reproduction rights are reserved by the artist.

Pukkart - Art Protection

Pukkart - Art Protection

Original and Unique work
Drawing the Phoenix Bird

The moment is unique and so are its brushstrokes.

High-quality fine-grain paper of 300 grams, without optical brightener.

You will never find a printed reproduction of her artwork.The aim is to invest, to serve, and to ac-company.