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By Antonio Sánchez Castro

Reluet’s collection of paintings with their vivid abstractions and figurative expressions, denotes a progression towards authentic emotionality and formal experimentation. In this series, we observe a playful yet contemplative articulation of form and color, evoking the deceptive simplicity of the modernist masters, while simultaneously delving into the subjectivity of Abstract Expressionism.

The works, with their spontaneous brushstrokes and bold use of color, remind us of the technique and vigor of painters such as Joan Miró in their gestural approach and the simplified compositions of Paul Klee. However, the collection transcends by incorporating elements that could be interpreted as tributes to the iconography of indigenous cultures and primitive art, suggesting a dialogue with humanity’s collective past.

The technique used in these pieces is remarkably fluid and dynamic, reflecting a high degree of creative freedom. The application of paint, whether in thick layers or thin glazes, shows a conscious interaction with the medium, where Reluet has allowed the material to guide the shape and texture of the work. This approach is reminiscent of Jackson Pollock’s philosophy and his emphasis on process over the final product.

Each work seems to encapsulate a moment of revelation, a spontaneous introspection where symbols and figures emerge from an abstract background to tell personal and collective stories. The presence of organic shapes, along with the intuitive use of color and line, offers a reading that is both emotive and aesthetically resonant, with a poetic visual narrative.

This collection is personal reflection and exploration, an invitation to recognize and celebrate the complexity of human emotions and connections with the natural and social environment. As a whole, it represents a valuable contribution to the contemporary narrative of art, continuing the dialogue between the viewer, the creator and the canvas that artists such as Willem de Kooning and Cy Twombly established.

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